BOSTIK – Wall Board Ultra 375Ml


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Gold Ultra Water-based, general purpose construction adhesive

Premium water-based, high-bond strength construction adhesive. Very fast curing ? twice the strength
of common market alternatives after a few hours. Designed for fixing wall and floor panels, and bonding to a wide range of substrates including timber, metal, gypsum, masonry, ceramic, Formica, polystyrene, mirrors and most other construction material, as long as one substrate is porous. Made in NZ. Available in cartridge and sausage.

Key features

  • Ultra-low odour, ultra low VOC, Non-toxic – ideal for green builds
  • Ultra strong bond, ultra-fast cure
  • Non-slump, non-drip – ideal for ceiling applications
  • Guns quickly and easily, and remains flexible
  • Maximises adhesion on difficult surfaces such as treated or greasy timber (such as H2 LOSP treatments)
  • Safe for mirrors, polystyrene and other solvent-sensitive substrates
  • Conforms to AS/NZS 2753-1985
  • One component

Recommended Uses?

  • Vertical, horizontal and overhead applications
  • Fixing plasterboard to steel or timber studs and frames (in conjunction with nails and screws)
  • Bonding timber floors to timber to eliminate squeaking
  • Bonding timber to concrete or metal or brickwork
  • Bonding chipboard, plywood, Hardie-Flex sheeting to joints or solid floors/ walls
  • Fixing ceramic tiles to wood or plywood
  • Fixing mirrors to timber
  • Plastic foams (polystyrene or polyurethane)