Mason 40 Below flashing tape


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40 BelowTM Flashing Tape is a 0.2mm thick – All Weather – flashing tape to seal around windows, doors, and other joinery openings as a secondary defence against water penetration. Adhesion from -40?C.


  • Incredible adhesion in all conditions.
  • Simple 4 step installation, save time reducing costs.
  • Reliable and dependable weather tightness.
  • An Optional Corner Guard is easy to install and increases protection to framing.

NB. Masons 40 Below Flashing Tape and Masons Corner Guard must be installed in accordance with the instructions outlined in the Masons catalogue.

New Zealand Building Code Standard (NZBC)

  • Has been CodeMark Certified by Certmark International.
  • For a risk score between 0-20 in accordance with NZBC Acceptable Solution E2/AS1.
  • Passed NZS3604 Building Wind Zones up to and including ?Extra High?.
  • Passes nail seal ability to ASTM 1970-01 section 7.9.
  • New smooth white facer tape also passes screw sealablity to AAMA 711-13.
  • Suitable as a single layer application over timber frame.

Physical Properties

  • Extremely thin only 0.2mm, allows for easier fitting of windows and doors.
  • Works in temperatures from -40?C up to 65?C.
  • Compatible with most building wraps.
  • Compatible with most building sealants – check suitability with sealant manufactures. Alternatively do a patch test before use.