Masons PEF backing rod


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MasonsTM PEF Rod is a cylindrical flexible closed cell polyethylene material, available in various diameters from 6mm to 50mm.


  • Masons PEF Rod is used around windows, doors or other penetration openings. It ensures the sealant does not completely fill the cavity.
  • Limits the amount and depth of the sealant applied into the joint.
  • Acts as a bond break to allow joint movement without undue stress to sealant.
  • Acts as a barrier to the flow of sealant through a joint.
  • Will assist in providing an around the window frame and penetrations through walls.
  • For use with pre-cast concrete slabs and joints between brick and masonry.

Physical Properties

  • Weather resistant
  • No water absorption, closed cell
  • Easy to install from dispenser box
  • Wide range of sizes available
  • Non toxic, odourless
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • Easily compressible, good expansion
  • Very light weight