Pryda 30m Strap Brace and 5 Tensioners


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Pryda 30m Strap Brace and 5 Tensioners:


Pryda Strapbrace is suitable for bracing walls and truss/rafter roof construction (spans up to 12m) in residential buildings. Use Pryda Maxi Strap
for larger spans and commercial and industrial buildings. Pryda Tensioners provide a fast, reliable and simple method of tensioning long lengths of bracing strap.

Pryda Strapbrace complies with NZS3604:2011 Light Timber Frame Buildings, requirements for metal bracing strip with 8kN capacity, but is not suitable for use as holding down straps on braced wall panels. Use Pryda Sheet Brace Straps for this application.

Pryda Strapbrace and Maxi Strap act in tension only. Braces must be applied in pairs as illustrated. Holes are pre-punched for Pryda Product Nails 30 x 3.15mm and 6mm tensioner bolts.

Wall Bracing

  • Make sure wall frame is approximately square. Nail end of brace to the top wall plate within 150mm of a stud, using 3 x Pryda Product Nails 30 x 3.15mm. Unroll brace coil at angle of approximately 45 _ and cut to length. Tighten by pulling down onto bottom wall plate. Nail within 150mm of stud with 3 nails.
  • Fix another brace in the same way diagonally op- posite the first length. The two braces must cross to form a strong rigid brace. Fit tensioners (usually one per 3.6m length of brace) and plumb frame. Nail braces to intermediate studs with 2 nails after tensioning braces.

Roof and Ceiling Bracing

Use in crossed pairs as for wall braces. For residential construction in accordance with NZS3604:2011, secure braces with 6 nails (12 nails for Maxi Strap) at each end, and 2 nails (after tensioning braces) at truss/ rafter or Purlin crossing.