Pryda Ezi Stud Tie (SST)


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Pryda Ezi Stud Tie (SST)


The Pryda Ezi Stud Tie – SST (STS25) has been designed to exceed the requirement of table 8.18 NZ3604:2011 ? ?Fixing of top plate of wall to supporting members such as studs and lintels at 600mm centres?. The Pryda Ezi Stud Tie is not reliant on the position of the top plate fixing nails to achieve desired strength.


Prior to use, the Pryda Ezi Stud Tie shall be stored in weatherproof environment and protected from moisture. Care must be take to avoid any damage to the surface of the product that may affect the protective galvanised coating.

Installation is self evident and normal good building practice is assumed during installation. The Pryda Ezi Stud Tie can be fixed in the pre-nail stage or on site using a carpenters? hammer requiring no special skill or other tools.


  • Easy to install
  • No checking of timber required
  • Can be fitted after top plate packer has been attached
  • Pre bent to ensure correct placement on site
  • Smaller top plate connection ? Quicker and easier to fix
  • Less cumbersome ? Smaller but effective
  • Easily installed using just a hammer
  • Easily inspected