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Silicon bronze nails have one way annular grooves providing maximum grip in timber, the ideal nail for cedar cladding.

Silicon bronze is finding more and more uses by the day. It is currently most useful for decorative, architectural, and marine applications

Silicon bronze is a low-lead brass alloy largely made up of copper (94–96%) and a tiny bit of silicon (2.5–6%). Aside from those two elements, it typically contains other alloys such as tin, manganese, iron, and zinc. It’s known for its smooth-looking finish and resistance to corrosion.

Silicon bronze is more resistant to water corrosion than brass, making it highly useful for marine applications. It is resistant to freshwater, saltwater, fog/mist, alkalis, acids, and organic chemicals, and is only susceptible to attack via sulfides, nitric acid, chromates, ferric chloride, and other oxidizing salts. It is also anti-biofouling, meaning it is inherently antimicrobial and will passively defend against the spread of germs.