THERMAKRAFT – Watergate Plus Wall Wrap 2740mm x 36.5m (100M2)


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Watergate Plus is specifically designed as a wall underlay behind exterior wall cladding. Made from synthetic materials Watergate Plus is fire retardant, water resistant and vapour permeable. The water vapour transfer rate of the product has been optimised to minimise condensation risk in homes without compromising its primary water barrier properties.


  • Fire retardant.
  • Unaffected by LOSP or other solvent based treated timber. However, LOSP or other solvent based treated timber must have sufficient time for the solvent chemical to flash off in well ventilated area. Recommended minimum 7 days.


  • Watergate Plus has been appraised with the scope limitations of NZBC Acceptable Solution E2/AS1, Paragraph 1.1, with regards to building height and floor plan area.
  • Watergate Plus has also been BRANZ appraised for use on buildings subject to specific weather tightness design. Building designers are responsible for the building design and for the incorporation of Watergate-Plus into their design in accordance with the declared properties and the instructions of Thermakraft Limited.
  • Refer to BRANZ Appraisal No 695 (2017) and CodeMark Certificate for full details.

For more information please refer to the – Data Sheet